Simplest Way to make RasaMalai at Home.

Rasa Malai, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar

RasaMalai is basically made of two essential parts as the chana or cheese made from milk with lemon and rasa as thickened milk, which is chilled, mixed with some stuffed ingredients. Now, my whole motive of writing about how to make RasaMalai as simple as possible so that anyone can try at home. It is a dessert so it will have a lot of sugar, you can add sugar free, but I personally do not think its goanna taste same. However, if you make Vegan RasaMalai at home story is different. You can get same taste as in veg and can enjoy with the same intensity.

Steps let's Begin

Step 1

Boil 500ml of whole milk in pan until it flows up to top, fat free or low-fat milk will not give you results, then wait 10 min to cool it down. Add lemon into milk and wait until it curdled into small pieces. Extract hard milk from milky water with cloth or filter paper. So, you just made Indian Cheese called ‘Paneer’ as first ingredient.

Step 2

After collecting the paneer add some corn flour and mix it properly. Make balls out of paneer mixer and then smooth the surface of balls. Drop the balls into boiling sugar syrup (1 cup sugar for 4 cup water) and cook them for 15 min. Take out the balls from the serum and drop them in fresh cold water. If they sink in water, they are done.

Step 3

Boil 500ml of milk in pan with spoon saffron. After 10 min add sugar and mix. Continue to boil and stir for 25 min, put your favorite dry fruit now like cardamom, pistachios, walnut etc. Turn of the heat and keep stirring until it cools down and get thickened.

Step 4

Now take those Malai balls and flatten them to round edged shape. Put them into Thickened milk we prepared and freeze them to fridge for 12 hours. Now, they are ready to eat and enjoy your hard work in plates.