Rasa Malai, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar

What's is Rasa Malai?

Rasa Malai is an East Indian dessert very famous all over India and world. It is a soft rich cheesecake with load of clotted cream. Rasa Malai have two major variety, first one is white heavy khoa and yellow cardamon bassoon. Eat with soup spoon in soup bowl.

What's the Nutrients Facts?

Sweet Rasa Malai’s nutrients could vary since they are usually made at home. Averagely one piece of Ras Malai have 180cal, 2.88g fat, 40 carbs and 2.54 protein as calculated by fatsecret.com . Generally, couple or three pieces of serving should be in one bowl or plate.

Rasa Malai Nutrients Facts, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar
Home Made Rasa Malai, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar

How to Make at Home?

Sweet Rasa Malai comprises of Panner (Indian Cheese) absorbed khoya with cardamom. Paneer is first crushed into very small pieces and then make round shaped balls. Boil paneer balls into hot water for 15 min with rose water and make sure balls do not break. Now, to create Khoya mix some cashew + 1 cup maple syrup + 1 cup milk + 1 cup water and mix and grind them all together into thick liquid. The paneer balls are then cooked in milk with saffron, cashew, cardamon, berries, vanilla as stuffing. In detailed.

What's the Best Brand of Rasa Malai?

One of the most common brands who make frozen Sweet Rasa Mali is Brar's Cardamom Rasa Malai, Nanak Rasa Malai & Apna Taste Kesar Rasa Malai which is available in all the Walmart store locally. It costs nearly 8$-12$ and all comes with 12 pieces.

Rasa Malai Brands, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar
Vegan Rasa Malai, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar

Is Rasa Malai Vegan?

No, it is vegetarian dish, but you can make it vegan by replacing the milk balls with rice balls socked with cashew and maple sirup mix. You can use only plants and make Vegan Sweet Ras Malai at home in 2 hours. Click here in detail.

Where to buy Rasa Malai?

Sweet Rasa Malai available in various Restaurants worldwide. Basically all Indian Restaurants have Sweet Ras Malai and some supermarkets like superstore, Walmart, nanak food etc. Check locally here

Buy Rasa malai locally, Credit: Prabhjot Kumar