What are brands for RasaMalai ?

Sweet Rasa Malai available in various Restaurants worldwide. Basically, all Indian Restaurants have Sweet Ras Malai and some supermarkets like superstore, Walmart, nanak food etc. There are various brands that offer different size, price, and taste of RasaMalai. Common flavors are mango, Kesar, Cardamom, pistachio, simple Malai etc. Most of them comes in the packaging of 12 pieces and you can have them 2 serving in each plate or bowl.


1. Nanak RasaMalai: Nanak RasaMalai is available in two flavors as RasaMalai and Kesar RasaMalai both in 1 kg page each contain 12 pieces and they cost 9.47$ and 9.97$ respectively. Available for shipping and buy in store in Walmart here .


2. Brar’s RasaMalai: Brar’s RasaMalai is available in three different flavors as Brar’s Kesar RasaMalai, Brar’s Mango RasaMalai, and Brar’s Cardamon RasaMalai. All the Brar’s RasaMalai flavor some how cost same as 6.97$ each containing 850g and have 12 pieces in each pack. Available for shipping and buy in store in Walmart here.


3. Apna Taste RasaMalai: Apna Tase RasaMalai is available in three flavors as Kesar RasaMalai, Pistachio RasaMalai, and Mango RasaMalai. All flavors cost same as 7.97$ of 850g of RasaMalai having 12 pieces in each package. Available for shipping and buy in store in Walmart here.


4. Haldiram RasaMalai: Haldiram is available in two flavor as sweet cottage cheese Dumplings and Simple RasaMalai. sweet cottage cheese Dumplings is available in shelf container of 527g which only cost 5.27$ or 1cent/1g. sweet cottage cheese Dumplings are available in Walmart only. Other is Simple RasaMalai which is available in superstore in 1kg package having 12 pieces in each package and you can pick up or delivery from the store.

No matter where and what brand you choose, its goanna tastes incredible. All the product above is frozen, so before you eat, you must melt it a bit but keep it cool.